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Researchers and medical staffResearcher / Medical personnel

  • 2015.04.25


  • Role of NAD+ synthesis system in age-related diseases and its possibilities as a drug target

    2015.4.25 在老化关联疾病方面NAD+合成系的作用,以及作为…

  • 2014.11.01


  • SIRT1关于代谢调控机制的阐叙

    2014年,SIRT1关于代谢调控机制的阐叙 东北大学医院糖尿病与代…

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Initiatives and activities for launching new products

(1) Commercialization of NMN PURE, development of medical supplements, sales of cosmetics with NMN (first in the world).
Launched new product supplements based on the results of clinical research: tripeptide with NMN, isoflavone with NMN.
Acquisition of customer reports, which are shared with research institutions.
Simple human NMN intake monitoring (with healthy individuals as well as individuals on different pathological stages)

Patents pending

Various patent applications and PTC applications (international patents)
Patents related to aging