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Shinkowa Pharmaceutical, Co. Ltd. (Main office: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Megumi Tanaka) was the first company in the world to commercialize nutraceuticals (that is, health food supported by scientific evidence) and cosmetics with β- nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a substance that is generally considered to contribute to healthy lifespan. We conducted the world’s first NMN clinical research on humans and have established a reputation as pioneers in the field of NMN bio-ventures by launching steadily a range of products based on science. We take care of them all the way from the research phase to the commercialization of the final product.

What’s more, purity tests carried out by the Institute for Research on Productive Aging (IRPA (1)) guarantee our NMN has an amazing purity degree of over 99%. Our NMN is also highly stable, and its safety has been confirmed in both humans and rodents by the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Health Sciences, National University of Hiroshima, among others. Only two companies in the world can offer such NMN nutraceuticals, and we are one of them. Our goal is contributing to society by improving our quality of life based on science.
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We have started joint research with Professor Toru Kimura (Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Biological Function, Experimental Zoology) of Yamaguchi University, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, President: Masao Oka). In July 2019 and taking dogs as subjects, it was conducted the study “Longevity and Anti-aging Effects of NMN Administration on Dogs: Observation of Improvement of Blood Components and Intestinal Flora Associated with Activation of Longevity Genes”, and the results obtained are going to be developed and taken one step further with this joint research.

In this study, we observed changes in the expression levels of NAD + and SIRT1 and checked for deterioration of visceral functions in the liver and kidney, as well as hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, anemia, etc., and verified that by administering NMN to healthy subjects, the pre-symptomatic off-limits values approached the median values, which indicates health.
In addition, the canine gut flora contains good and bad bacteria, just like the human gut flora. Good bacteria help maintain good health by synthesizing vitamins, assisting digestion and absorption, and activating immune function. Bad bacteria cause intestinal degeneration, production of carcinogens and toxins, diarrhea or constipation, liver damage, lower resistance, cancer, hypertension, and accelerated aging. In the case of dogs, as in humans, it is known that diet, stress or aging cause good bacteria to decrease and bad bacteria to increase, disturbing the balance of the intestinal flora, which has various adverse effects on health. We expect to confirm the increase of good bacteria and the decrease of bad bacteria in the intestines.
In studies all around the world, it has been demonstrated that NMN is a functional substance that activates SIRT1, and that suppresses age-related changes in laboratory mice.
On the other hand, the action of NMN has hardly been investigated in the field of veterinary medicine. In recent years, the lifespan of companion animals has extended, and as with humans, age-related diseases and their care have become an issue.

We are confident that the results of this study will provide new directions and indicators for maintaining pet health, not only for the pet industry but for in the veterinary field.
Professor Kimura made the following comments regarding this research, “We planned this joint study to find out if the daily ingestion of NMN can improve the health of dogs. We expect to clarify the results that NMN directly leads to health promotion and healthy longevity of dogs. We expect that NMN will indirectly increase the flora that is related to longevity. If this result is obtained, we will be contributing to true animal welfare and the extension of their lifespan, and we will be able to live with companion animals with peace of mind.”


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